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1 Meal Per Day - 5  Days Per Week - 5 Meals in Total

Buy the Taste Tester plan and have everything sorted for you. Choose 5 Delicious Proteins to SAVE and our Amazing Chefs will do the rest. Just select the meal size from Lean, Maintain or Gain.

Lean: Weight loss Plans 200 - 400 Cal Per Serv.
Maintain: Performance Fitness Plans 400 - 600 Cal Per Serv.
Gain: Muscle Gain Plans 600 - 800 Cal Per Serv.

Please select the allergens free option you need, or no allergens within the product options. If it's something we haven't listed we will try our best and contact you if we have trouble finding a suitable substitution. Please use the special instructions note at checkout, or within the product to give our chefs instructions on allergens not listed. Or if you have a special dietary requirement. Eg. Kosher, No Pork etc.

• A variety of lean protein sources packed with flavour and paired with high carb portions, sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, rolled oats and legumes
• Nutrient-dense, high fibre vegetables to aid satiety and provide essential vitamins and minerals.
• Essential healthy fats from avocado, nuts, seeds, & dairy-free dressings
• A delicious variety of flavoursome meals that will have you looking forward to every bite 

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