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1 Meal Per Day - 5  Days Per Week - 5 Meals in Total

There are numerous opinions, on how to quantify the macronutrient ratios and percentages for a traditional ketogenic diet. As such, we have designed each dish in our Keto plans to have 50–80% of the total calories come from fat, and 30–50% from protein

Lowering carbohydrate intake can provide several health benefits. When in a state of ketosis, your body is rapidly producing and/or utilizing ketones as a fuel source. As a result, people tend to experience a variety of benefits more pronounced than if they were just eating a low-carbohydrate, non-ketogenic diet, including;

  • Increased Energy.
  • Cognitive Enhancement.
  • Appetite Control
  • Body Composition Changes

Lean: Keto Meals are 400 - 500 Cal Per Serv.

Please select the allergens free option you need, or no allergens within the product options. If it's something we haven't listed we will try our best and contact you if we have trouble finding a suitable substitution. Please use the special instructions note at checkout, or within the product to give our chefs instructions on allergens not listed. Or if you have a special dietary requirement. Eg. Kosher, No Pork etc. 

• A variety of high fat, moderate high protein and low carb dishes.
• A delicious variety of flavoursome meals that will have you looking forward to every bite

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