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Furikake Crusted Tofu with Kumara Miso Mash, Fresh Wok Fried Asian Greens and Charred Mushrooms.

Gluten Free and Vegetarian.

Microwave on High for 2 to 2.5 Minutes.

Tofu, Red Kumera, Portobello Mushroom, Green Round Beans, Broccolini, Bok Choy, Choy Sum, Rice Milk, Coconut Aminos, Flour, Canola Oil, Soy Milk, Mirin, Fried Shallots, Furikake, Fresh Ginger, Garlic, Rice Crumb, Olive Spread, Miso Paste, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Red Chilli, Coriander, Black Pepper, Salt, Bonito Flakes, Kombu, Red Pepper Flakes.

Contains Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Spelt, Crustacea, Egg, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Soybean, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Lupin.

Unknown Status: Sulphites.

This product may contain royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen which has been reported to cause severe allergic reactions and in rare cases, fatalities, especially in asthma and allergy sufferers.

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