Plant Based Meals

Complete Plant Based Plan 200 - 800 Cal Per Serv.

The Plant-Based meals are based on the principles of nourishing the body through plant-based, whole-food sources. Whether the focus is on reducing environmental impact, maintaining ethical standards, lowering risk of disease, looking and feeling their best, or all of the above.

The plant based plan is packed with meals full of high quality vegetarian protein, plus the option to include dairy and eggs in meals. This is paired with a range of complex carbohydrates and carefully selected sauce and garnishes. Rich healthy fat sources and an array of energising fruits and vegetables will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function well and support healthy immune function.


  • Lifestyle and lose body fat
  • Achieve muscle hypertrophy
  • Men & women looking to follow a vegetarian or plant based food
  • Boosting energy levels


  • Choose your goal (Lean, Maintenance or Gain Muscle) and let our nutritionist select the right meals for you!
  • “Lean”: 200 to 400 calorie per meal to ensure you are burning more
  • Calories than you consume
  • “Maintain”: 400 - 600 calories per meal, just the right amount of
  • Calories you need to maintain your current weight, feel energised and
  • Perform at your peak
  • “Gain”: 600 to 800 calories per meal to increase muscle mass and
  • Fuel your workouts
  • Focuses on whole foods with anti-inflammatory properties to promote wellness

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