Performance Athlete Meal Plan

3 Meals Per Day - 5 Days Per Week - 15 Meals in Total

The performance prep meal plan is a combination of simple, clean and functional nutrition. Taking the guesswork and stress out of competition prep, so you can give 100% focus to your training. Getting you where you need be, whatever the event may be.

Our Comp Prep plan is a functional food package, whether your goal is fat loss, lean gains or growth, consistency and precision will ensure that you achieve optimal results in the quickest possible time. This package offers complete flexibility and the ability to tailor your meals to your specific training phases.

It provides simple, clean and functional nutrition, guaranteed to be weighed out to the last gram.

You have complete flexibility to select your choice or proteins, starchy carbohydrates and greens to suit your goals. Our chef-prepared meals provide the convenience you need to stay focused on your training, putting you in the best possible condition to achieve peak performance.


  • Men and women preparing for fitness and/or body building competitions
  • Those with a range of allergies and/or intolerances that require a simpler menu
  • Maintaining a consistent diet alongside training to achieve optimal results


  • Ability to enter your own macros and tailor to specific training phases


A variety of lean protein sources packed with flavour and paired with high carb portions from kumara, pumpkin, forbidden rice, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, rolled oats and legumes

Nutrient-dense, high fibre vegetables to aid satiety and provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Essential healthy fats from avocado, nuts, seeds, and dairy-free dressings

A delicious variety of flavoursome meals that will have you looking forward to every bite!